L7 !!!


Suzi Gardner
(vocals, guitar)

Donita Sparks
(vocals, guitar)

Jennifer Finch
(bass, vocals)

Demetra Plakas
(drums, background vocals)

L7 Timeline
Suzi Gardner and Donita Sparks meet on a five day bender.
Listen to nothing but  ________


Guitarist/vocalists Donita Sparks (b. 8 April 1963, Chicago, Illinois, USA) and Suzi Gardner (b. 1 August 1960, Sacramento, California, USA) formed L7 in the mid-80s, linking with Jennifer Finch (b. 5 August 1966, Los Angeles, California, USA; bass, vocals) and trying several drummers, finally finding Dee Plakas (b. 9 November 1960, Chicago, Illinois, USA) after domestic touring to promote L7, supporting Bad Religion (drummer on their debut album was Roy Kolltsky). The band's raw punk-metal caught the interest of Sup Pop Records, who released Smell The Magic, a raucous, grunge-flavoured blast that further enhanced the band's growing underground reputation. Bricks Are Heavy brought major success, with the surprisingly poppy 'Pretend We're Dead' becoming a major hit on both sides of the Atlantic.

Subsequently the band became darlings of the music press with their multi-coloured hair and shock-tactic humour - at 1992's Reading Festival, Sparks retaliated against missile throwers by removing her tampon on stage and throwing it into the crowd, and later dropped her shorts during a live television performance on The Word - but the band's serious side led them to form Rock For Choice, a pro-abortion women's rights organization that has gathered supporters from Pearl Jam to Corrosion Of Conformity for fund-raising concerts. L7 went on to appear as a band entitled Camel Lips in a John Waters film, Serial Mom, before Hungry For Stink picked up where Bricks Are Heavy left off, blending serious and humorous lyrics against a still-thunderous musical backdrop. Jennifer Finch departed in the summer of 1996 and formed Lyme. Her replacement was Gail Greenwood from Belly, who provided greater musical diversity on 1997's The Beauty Process.

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Teriyaki Asthma, Vols. 1-5 ,C/Z

More Songs About Anger, Fear, Sex, And Death ,Epitaph

Radio Tokyo Tapes, Vol. 4: Women ,Chameleon

The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum ,Warner Bros.,1997

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Soundtracks & other appearances

I Know What You Did Last Summer ,Columbia,1997


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