Lunachicks !!!


goddess theo - eyelashes, vocals, & skin flute
squid - jews harp, bass, & vocals
sindi - guitar, bong, & vocals
gina - lead triangle, guitar, & vocals
chip - drums, hambone, vocals, & beer

Formed in 1987
Genre - Rock
Styles - Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Rock

Legend has it that New York's Lunachicks were rescued from a life of street gangs, drinking, idolatry and terrorism against humanity by being discovered by Sonic Youth, who recommended the all-female band to Blast First Records so vociferously that the Lunachicks' debut, Babysitters On Acid, was barely recorded before it was let loose upon an unsuspecting public. The 'not-at-all-nice-girls' turned their rebellious behaviour into a stage act. Becky (drums), Squid Sid (bass), Gina (lead guitar) and Sindi (guitar) were the musicians with a taste for excessive volume; Theo was the singer with a predilection for blood-splattered wedding gowns. The Lunachicks can only be described as 'different'. Binge And Purge was a marked (and listenable) improvement over their debut. With new drummer Chip on board the band took a backward step with Jerk Of All Trades, which lacked the inventiveness of the previous album.

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Pretty Ugly ,Go Kart,1997
Jerk Of All Trades ,Go Kart,1995
Binge And Purge ,Caroline,1993
Babysitters On Acid ,Blast First,1990

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